Friday, January 7, 2011

MORE Packaging Design Geekery-Nostalgia Organics

I just got so excited when I saw this.

At first I thought it was adorable new Iced Tea, but its body wash! This is actually a whole line of body care products. From The Dieline it says "Elea Lutz is the founder of Nostalgia Organics and also created the packaging:

"Nostalgia is inspired by my childhood and time spent in my grandmother’s homespun world. With that in mind, I design the packaging to be playful and cheery with a dose of old-fashioned charm. It is also a priority for the packaging to be eco-friendly, whenever possible. Some of the elements that make it eco-friendly include 100% post-consumer recycled paper for the soap labels and paper wraps. I also design fabrics that are sewn into reusable sacks to house the soaps."

Check out the rest of this ridonkilously wonderful stuff.

Their website is SOOOOO SWEET!!!  Click here for Death by Cute