Sunday, January 30, 2011

Re-ment rant

I absolutely LOOOOVEEEE re-ment mini food sets. Theyre almost painfully adorable, there are a bunch of different options and sets, I just cant get enough. My boyfriend and I went to Little Tokyo as part of our 1 year aniversary and as my present I picked out two re-ment boxes that Ive been wanting for a LONG TIME, the Little Twin Stars set.
Now, the problem with these sets is that theyre the kind where you dont know what youre getting. I dont mind getting a surprise if all the sets are cute, but this can be a pain in the ass if theres a particularly fug set you dont want and ESPECIALLY if you have the misfortune of getting two of the same thing. (This happened to me with one of my strawberry sets. SUPER LAME.)
Well when I opened up my first box I was thrilled to have gotten this set:

 SO CUTE! I couldnt wait to see what was in my second box!....oh wait....THE SAME THING. T_______T
Honestly, I dont really know why they think its better that people dont know what theyre getting with these sets. Are they hoping well buy 10 of them so well make EXTRA sure we get different things? This would make sense if these cost 3 bucks, but they can go up to 8 bucks a pop.Some people sell them on ebay and tell you which set it is but it costs more AND theres shipping. I know for me personally, Id buy more of these if I could pick my sets.

I also got this!! Fake Sanrio shaped cookies!!


Check out how the back looks baked like a real cookie! Amazing detail!


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  2. Hi! I love your blog, saw it on twitter *-* it really looks like a real cookie! makes me hungry ... it's a keychain or a charm? glad you're back at dA, love yourc charms :)

  3. Aww thanks! Its a keychain, but I have it hanging on my bulletin board coz I dont want it to break hehehe

  4. that's so cute. it does look like a yummy cookie!

  5. Isnt it?? I want them all! Well except that weird fish one at the bottom lol